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Our Heroes

Hero of the Month: Team Kristin

Posted on October 6, 2016


In June 2014, Kristin, a wife and mother of four, was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. Within months, Kristin passed away from the disease at the age of 34. In 2015, Kristin’s family and friends created Team Kristin in her honor, and went on to participate in the Scope It Out 5K Run/Walk in Pittsburgh! In its first year, Team Kristin raised $7,000 for colon cancer research and awareness. This year, the team raised over $6,000.  Team Kristin’s goal is to one day find a cure for colon cancer in order to make sure no other family has to experience loss like their family has. Read more

Hero of the Month: Joan & Lyn

Posted on September 8, 2016


Joan and Lyn have been the powerhouse co-chairs behind the Blue Hope Bash and the creative driving force behind the event’s incredibly successful auctions and raffle. We’re proud to honor this dynamic duo as our September Heroes of the Month, and hope you are as inspired by them as we are!

We sat down with Lyn (pictured right) to hear more about what got her involved and the secret behind their fundraising success. Read more

Hero of the Month: Geekade

Posted on August 3, 2016


We all love a good game and knocking out colon cancer, so why not put the two together? That’s exactly what the good people at Geekade are doing as they set out to help further our mission by hosting their 24-hour PITAthon! We got a chance to speak with Kris Randazzo, the Editor-in-Chief of the website to learn more about this unique twist on fundraising.

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Hero of the Month: John Morrissey

Posted on July 11, 2016


From the ground to the sky, traffic reporter John Morrissey is knocking out colon cancer one mile at a time. His efforts as emcee at this year’s Denver Undy Run/Walk, just months after he learned he had colon cancer, is a testament to his courage and generous spirit. That’s why we’re honored to have him as our Hero of the Month!

Read on to learn more about how John got involved in the Undy Run and his advice to others who’ve been recently diagnosed.   

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Gina’s Journey

Posted on June 14, 2016

Gina Picture 1

I’d just had a baby boy via C-section. I recovered quickly from that surgery and adjusted well to having my baby Charlie home. When Charlie was about two months old, I started getting stomach cramps, but they were only when I first woke up.

It started as a few minutes of cramping then progressed. It got to the point that I had to stop nursing and wake my husband up just so I could go sit on the toilet. I would sit on the toilet for 20-30 minutes each morning, but the rest of the day I’d be fine.

But I wasn’t concerned about the cramping. I already had a lot on my plate.

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