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Our Heroes

Volunteer of the Quarter: Steve Godri

Posted on October 27, 2015

Steve Godri

We continue to be inspired by the hundreds of volunteers spearheading efforts to put colon cancer on the map and changing the face of this disease. That’s why we started the Volunteer of the Quarter feature, which honors some of our most passionate, dedicated volunteers.

This quarter we’re celebrating Steve Godri, who, along his family, started Steph’s Fall 5K in honor of his sister Stephanie Godri-Johnston, who passed away from colon cancer in 2012 at just 32. To celebrate Stephanie’s love of cross country running and help people in need get screened for colon cancer, proceeds from the annual run/walk help fund the Stephanie Godri-Johnston Memorial Scholarship, as well as our Blue Hope Financial Assistance program (in four years, the Godri family has raised $15,000 in support of this important program). Learn more about Steve, Steph’s Fall 5K and his advice for anyone looking to honor a loved one.

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Wisdom From A Three Time Survivor

Posted on October 22, 2015

Screen This Too

You may remember our dynamic volunteer Amy Kaplan from our Hero of the Month spotlight on October 2013. As a woman who’s survived colon, cervical and breast cancer, Amy knows the importance of protecting all your assets. We got another chance to speak with Amy about her story, the importance of screening and the message she wants to share with all women.

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In Memoriam: Remembering Harry

Posted on October 19, 2015

Remembering Harry

The Colon Cancer Alliance’s family is deeply saddened as we mourn the death of our volunteer and dear friend, Harry Gorlick, who died October 5, 2015.  ​Harry felt that being ​with ​his fellow chatters in our chat room​,​ and being a Buddy to newly diagnosed patients​,​ and supporting our members on our ​Blue Hope Nation Facebook page,​ is what​ helped him ​​cope with his disease. It was important to Harry that anyone he met along this journey would find support through our programs and not feel alone. His ability to make “newbies” feel comfortable was his legacy.

​He’d break the ice, using humor to make people laugh and feel at ease because he knew that ​this ​is what unite​d​ ​those with ​th​e disease and how strangers quickly bec​a​me friends. Harry was so kind, so caring, so funny and a special friend to all who knew him. There are no words to adequately express our sadness, but his fellow chat moderators wanted to try. In their own words: Read more

Hero of the Month: Marisa Perez

Posted on October 13, 2015


Depending on who you are, you may call her Marisa, “mom” or “The Colon Chick!” Marisa Perez has a passion for colon cancer prevention and an enthusiasm that can get anyone excited about screening. The mother of two has been running a colon cancer screening program for the last nine years and shows no signs of slowing down. This month, she organized a successful Screen This Too! luncheon where she stressed the importance of protecting all of your assets this October—including your colon. This dedication to prevention is just one of the many reasons we’re honored to spotlight Marisa as our Hero of the Month.

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Walk Before You Run: Ed Sorensen’s Undy Victory

Posted on September 24, 2015

Ed and Julie

If you were at this year’s Nashville Undy Run/Walk, you may have seen Ed Sorensen run by you! What you may not have known, though, is that Ed walked the Undy last year—just three months after being diagnosed with colon cancer and two months after surgery. After that race, Ed vowed to train so he could run the next year. And he did—with his family, friends and wife Julie rooting for him. We got a chance to speak with Julie and Ed about running in the Undy and why it meant so much to them.

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