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Our Heroes

February Fundraising Roundup

Posted on February 29, 2016

roannes race

Racing for Research in Sunny California

Surrounded by northern California wine country and a beautiful blue sky, friends, family and members of the colon cancer community came together to run and raise funds in memory of a beautiful soul: Roanne Cairel. On November 7, 2015, the fourth annual Roanne’s Race was the most successful so far—raising $12,500 for early-onset colon cancer research. 

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Fertility Preservation: The Good, the Ugly & Giving Cancer the Finger

Posted on February 24, 2016

12096609_630904392136_6572497193053764003_n (1)

Fertility preservation is one way to be in control. It’s like telling cancer, ‘You can’t take this away from me.’ No matter the outcome of my journey, I or someone else will benefit from my eggs. It’s a metaphorical middle finger to cancer.”

In the United States, approximately 10% of all colon cancer cases are diagnosed in individuals under age 50. While many treatment side effects are the same no matter your age, there are unique challenges those who are diagnosed and going through treatment under age 50 may encounter.

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My Chemo Valentine

Posted on February 9, 2016

Crawford Clay and his two daughters.

I’m a stage III rectal cancer survivor.

My last chemo was Valentine’s Day eleven years ago, back in 2005. Physically, I felt terrible-lost in the fog of chemo and tired beyond belief. But emotionally, I felt great. I had done it. I made it through to the end!

Little did I know, it wasn’t really over.

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Hero of the Month: Meagan Finnerty

Posted on February 9, 2016


Meagan Finnerty didn’t let tragedy stand in her way. After she and her family lost their mother, she set out to find more families like hers. She discovered the Colon Cancer Alliance, and has become a vocal advocate and fundraiser for colon cancer awareness. Since 2014, Meagan and her family’s efforts have raised $10,500 to support our mission. We salute the Finnerty family and honor them as our Hero of the Month. Read more

Coach Mark Nofri Tackles Cancer

Posted on January 26, 2016

Coach Nof

Mark Nofri, head football coach at Sacred Heart University (SHU), was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2014 at just 45 years old. Despite his diagnosis, he continued to do what he loved—coaching through treatment and encouraging his team to stay the course. He even teamed up with us for the Coach Nof Tackles Cancer Campaign, which ended in a blue out tailgate in November and raised more than $7,000 to go towards our mission to knock out colon cancer.

We got a chance to speak with Coach Nof about the campaign, his experience and getting involved to help others living with colon cancer.

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