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Blue Note Fund: 1,200 Grants & Counting

Posted on April 6, 2014

The emotional and physical stress of a cancer diagnosis is almost unimaginable. Add to this financial demand of medical bills and other treatment-related costs, and the stress can be overwhelming. Many patients are simply unable to meet the cost of having cancer.

Today, nearly half of our Helpline calls are from patients or family members asking about finances or financial assistance. That’s 6,000 callers every year.

Helping Patients in Need

Jeannie Moore, Colon Cancer Alliance Co-Founder and Patient Support Navigator

Jeannie Moore, Colon Cancer Alliance Co-Founder and Patient Support Navigator

In the words of Jeannie Moore, co-founder of the Blue Note Fund and a pioneer at the Colon Cancer Alliance, “It’s hard enough to get through cancer treatments without worrying about paying the bills. Yet thousands of our patients, even patients with good insurance, struggle to pay for their basic needs.”

That was the inspiration behind the Blue Note Fund.  In the three years since its creation, we’ve been able to fund more than 1,200 awards to patients and families who need it most. Each check is sent to someone struggling to pay for their basic needs in the hopes that they can focus solely on getting healthy and beating cancer.

“No one should go bankrupt because they have cancer. I support the Blue Note Fund because I know firsthand how it helps keep food on the table, gas in the car, and the lights on, but most importantly, it assures patients they are not alone in the fight.  The Colon Cancer Alliance cares and will be here to help,” says Jeannie.

Celebrating Three Years

This quarter, the Blue Note Fund celebrated its third year, and by the end of this year, the Blue Note Fund will have given nearly half a million dollars in aid to patients and their families. Hear from the patients this program has helped.

Jo Ann Michael, Blue Note Fund Awardee, 76

Jo Ann Michael, Blue Note Fund Awardee, 76

“As a widow on a fixed income combined with the added expenses of medical bills, transportation, gas and car maintenance, I am so grateful that there are people who give so generously and make it possible for me to receive help.” — Jo Ann Michael

“This has been a difficult journey for our family. We are so thankful to your organization and the generous donors who made this gift possible.” — Robert and Arlene

“There are not many reasons for me to smile lately, but receiving your check in the mail did it. A million thanks!” — Kenneth

“Thank you for your help through the Blue Note Fund. This has been a very difficult year for us with my cancer recurrence and the devastating loss of income. Your check was very welcome.” — Owen

“Thank you so much! My Blue Note Fund award really helped me mentally as well as financially. As you have probably heard before the financial burden on cancer patients is intense and should be something we don’t have to worry about as much. It is so good to know there is help out there.” – Sharon

Thank You

Thanks to our generous sponsors, fundraisers and individual donors, the Blue Note Fund will continue to help patients and families around the country. We look forward to the future with the hope that we can continue to fund as many awards as possible and bring light and hope to those battling this disease.

Donate now or learn more.

8 Responses to “Blue Note Fund: 1,200 Grants & Counting”

  1. Jennifer Johnson says:

    How do I go bout getting help paying my everyday bills. This is the second time that I have had cancer. Last removed inch n half of colon. This time the whole colon removed.. Need help getting home ready for me.

  2. LAURA SMITH says:

    Hi, I am a cancer patient and I am writing to find out if your office can provide me with some financial help, gas and food expenses, etc.
    Thank you, Laura Smith

    maybe you can refer me to an organization that can help me.

    • Antionette Rollins says:

      Hi Laura and thank you for your comment. We have a financial assistance program called Blue Hope Financial Assistance, which you can learn more about here: Feel free to also call our Helpline at (877) 422-2030–it is answered by our phenomenal Patient Support staff who are trained in this area and would be able to help!

  3. Kimberly franks says:

    Hello my name is Kimberly Franks and I am a stage 3 colon cancer patient seeking some financial assistance. I’m looking for a hand up not a hand out. Would some one please contact me at 404-587-3132.

    Thank you do much I am really desperate and sick.

    Kimberly Franks 404-587-3132

  4. Jay Johnson says:

    I was told I would be contacted weeks ago about my application. Is there some kind of delay ? Anxiously awaiting. Thank you. Jay

  5. Jay Johnson says:

    Any news on my application ? Anxiously awaiting ! Thanks, Jay

  6. Jay Johnson says:

    Any news about my application ? Anxiously awaiting ! Thank you. Jay

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