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Calling All Stage IV Survivors & Caregivers!

Posted on August 27, 2014

One of our partners is conducting a research project about metastatic colon cancer survivor and caregiver experiences. They are looking to interview stage IV survivors and caregivers (via video/phone and in person) to learn about your clinical experience and how the disease has impacted your life. Compensation is up to $150 for your time.  

Remote Video Interviews

We’re looking for 8 patients and 1 caregiver total for video/phone interviews. These can be from any area in the U.S. Compensation for remote interviews is $125.

In-Person Interviews

For in-person interviews in NYC, New Jersey, Chicago and LA, we’re looking for 3 patients and 1 caregiver per city. Compensation for in-person interviews in NYC, NJ and Chicago is $150. Compensation in Los Angeles is $150/patient, $125/caregiver.

If you are interested in helping, please contact Nancy Butterfield, or 202-628-0123 x 112.

10 Responses to “Calling All Stage IV Survivors & Caregivers!”

  1. Mary Martin says:

    It’s been exactly one year since the diagnosis of stage IV colon cancer. Would be interested in the interview.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Mary Martin

  2. Jeffrey Ditmire says:

    I am a stage IV Colorectal cancer metastatic to lymph nodes, abdomin and liver survivor. Diagnosed August 6, 2012. I am now starting line 3 chemo (Stivarga) as my last opportunity to stop/slow new tumor growth. My husband, Ken Boultinghouse, has been my caregiver from day 1. We live in Monarch Beach, CA (Orange County). I am 47. I just went on medical leave a month ago. I am Vice President/Publisher of Register Magazine Division for Freedom Communications in Santa Ana. We would be open to answering some questions. Thank you.

  3. Kathy Carrow says:

    9002 Herts Rd.

  4. Saw this posted in the Colon Cancer Alliance Facebook group. I have been Stage 4 mets since recurrence on Feb 2013. Still currently treating. I’m interested in more info about this project.

  5. Kathy Carrow says:

    I am willing to participate. 7+ year, stage 4 survivor. I live in Houston,Tx
    713 723 5432.

  6. Kate Presta-Bowerman says:

    Caregiver of my Dad, Julius Presta (1942-2001). Dx stage 4, liver and lung mets.

  7. Deborah Huggins says:

    508 South College St. First i was caregiver to my husband with stage 4 lung cancer. He fought for 3 years before he died. Now i am caregiver for my daughter with colon ca. She has been fighting for 3 years to date and so far is surviving. I am a retired critical care nurse and have had a lot of experience with cancer patients.

  8. Chris Karas says:

    Stage 4 cancer originally diagnosed with two years to live and it will be three years at the end of sept. Thank you.

  9. Vanessa Ferrotta says:

    I am interested in the study. I had colon cancer 4 years ago

  10. Theresa L Mayhew says:

    I am replying in reference to the recent facebook post about doing phone and video interviews for stage IV colon cancer survivors and caregivers. I am the mother of twin boys who are now 21. One of my twins was diagnosed at the age of 20 with Colon Cancer that went to his liver.

    Theresa Mayhew

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