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Ask the Expert

How to prepare for your colonoscopy

Posted on March 8, 2017

Although there are a variety of available colon cancer screening tests (including new, at-home options as well as a blood test) a colonoscopy remains the gold standard. While we always say the best test is the one that gets done, a colonoscopy is still your most thorough option. That’s because in many cases, when individuals are screened on time, doctors can detect and remove polyps before they become cancerous or find cancer in its earliest stages when it is easily treatable.

But we won’t lie – while the colonoscopy prep has improved over the past decade, it still isn’t what most people describe as something they enjoy. Read more

Ask the Expert: Immunotherapy 101

Posted on February 23, 2017

Dr. Patrick Boland is a medical oncologist at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York, where he works as part of the gastrointestinal oncology team treating patients with lower gastrointestinal cancers. His clinical interests include colorectal cancer and the development of new cancer therapies.

Immunotherapy in Colorectal Cancer

Immunotherapy 2.0 was recently named by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) as the Advance of the Year. The 2.0 moniker is meant to symbolize expansion of these treatments to more patients, while simultaneously improving our ability to identify which patients will benefit from which treatment. Above all, this underscores the excitement we are all are experiencing in relation to immunotherapy. Read more

“What do you do when you find yourself single again after cancer?”

Posted on February 13, 2017

It’s that time of year again, after the big major holidays have passed and before the beautiful, renewing Spring weather returns, that we find pink and red hearts everywhere. Yeah, you guessed it, Valentine’s Day.

But does that mean romance is in the air if you’re a cancer survivor?

You betcha! Read more

Sex After Colon Cancer

Posted on February 8, 2017

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d cover the tough topic of sex after cancer.

Survivors may experience a range of intimacy issues depending on the type of treatment. For example, men may experience periods of low testosterone after chemotherapy or erection problems and a reduced sperm count after radiation to the pelvic area, while some women may experience sudden menopause after chemotherapy or have their ovaries removed during surgery to remove their rectum. Not to mention personal concerns about your ostomy during sex. Read more

ASCO Launches First Clinical Trial, Gives Patients Access to Treatment Based on Genomic Testing

Posted on February 7, 2017

The American Society of Clinical Oncology, more commonly known as ASCO, has flipped the traditional clinical trial model on its head, seeking to give greater access to new treatments to patients as well as understand the complex genetics involved. The clinical trial is called TAPUR, and the key difference is identifying a treatment by a patient’s tumor type, regardless of the tumor’s location. Read more