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Our Heroes

“Survivorship begins from the moment you are diagnosed.”

Posted on May 26, 2017

Every story – like cancer itself – is unique. This blog is part of our ongoing 2017 Survivor Week. Join us from May 29-June 4 as we unpack the complexity of what it means to be a cancer survivor, from those who reject the word entirely to individuals who have embraced their diagnosis with a new sense of purpose. What does being a survivor mean to you?

This post was written by Valarie Schlosser, a stage IV survivor at age 49. Read more

Age 39 + Trying Keytruda, the Newest FDA-Approved Drug

Posted on May 22, 2017

Aliscia Krecisz was only 39 when she was diagnosed. For years she was told her symptoms were only a result of her colitis and she was too young for colorectal cancer, only to find out she had advanced stage disease. Thanks to her doctor and the Colon Cancer Alliance, she was able to get her tumor tested and, because of her genetic status as MSI-H, she was enrolled into an immunotherapy treatment and has been responding well. Since being diagnosed, she has become passionate about advocating for those diagnosed under 50 as well as the importance of getting second (or third or fourth!) opinions.  Read more

Kendra’s Story: From Newlywed to Newly Diagnosed to Undy Rockstar Volunteer

Posted on May 12, 2017

Still a young newlywed when she started experiencing symptoms, Kendra Mitchell finally saw a doctor after admitting she was having issues to her husband. Thanks to his encouragement, they were able to catch her cancer early and she has been NED since 2014. Since her diagnosis, she has gone all-in for the upcoming Denver Undy Run/Walk as one of our rockstar volunteer Undy Engagement Committee members. She shared her story with us as well as why she’s excited for the race in June. Read more

In Memoriam: Remembering Laura C.

Posted on April 28, 2017

One of our devoted volunteers, Laura Caravella, died on March 21st, after living with her disease for over 10 years.  Laura could be found in our chatroom where she was a moderator for both the daily chat and the stage IV-um support group chat. She was also a Buddy to many newly diagnosed patients across the country.  Read more

Christina’s Story: Driving Toward the First Car Tags for Colon Cancer

Posted on April 27, 2017

After her mother passed away in 2008, Christina Granderson got serious about raising awareness. In addition to being a longtime Colon Cancer Alliance Buddy and advocate, she is part of the 70×2020 initiative in the state of Mississippi that has helped put her home state on the map as the first state to get a colon cancer prevention and screening vehicle tag! Thank you, Christina, for your never-ending devotion to stop this disease in honor of your beloved mom. We are inspired by everything you continue to achieve in her memory!  Read more