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Clinical Trials & Paying it Forward

Posted on April 20, 2017

Without clinical trials, it would be a safe bet to say I may not have survived stage III rectal cancer 13 years ago. I certainly would be different today.

We often forget every drug and medical device that is available to patients today is thanks to those who were part of the trial that got them approved. The FDA approval process is extremely thorough and rigorous – every drug and device must prove safety, benefit and effectiveness for patients.

Without clinical trials, no drug – no matter how promising in the lab – can become available to the thousands of cancer patients whose lives are literally depending on new treatments. Read more

Support the Donald Payne Sr. Colorectal Cancer Detection Act of 2017

Posted on April 19, 2017

Last month, after repeated encouragement from my wife, I went in for my annual physical.  Beforehand my doctor had me stop at the lab for blood tests which showed that my cholesterol was a bit high and the doctor gave me some dietary tips to get it in line.  I did not request to have my cholesterol checked, it’s just a routine part of an annual physical.  Turns out the blood tests screen for a whole host of factors that can help prevent serious health conditions from heart disease to diabetes.  Read more

Bravelets: Meaningful Jewelry Making a Big Impact

Posted on March 10, 2017

Six years ago Stephanie Hansen decided she wanted to start Bravelets™, a jewelry company with giving at the core. The company was born after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Through the difficult days of dealing with her mom’s diagnosis and treatment, Stephanie wanted something her whole family could wear as a symbol of hope. But the company’s impact doesn’t end there, because for every item sold, 10% is donated to charity. Not only does Bravelets provide courage to those wearing their stylish jewelry, but they’re helping nearly 4,000 partner organizations move their missions forward in a big way. In fact, they’ve helped raise more than $44,000 in donations for the Colon Cancer Alliance since our partnership began! For all the lives you continue to impact, thank you Bravelets! Now, let’s hear from Founder/ CEO Stephanie. Read more

Get Ready for the BIG Colon Tour 2017

Posted on March 7, 2017

Our giant inflatable colon is back on the road this March for Colon Cancer Awareness Month! We’re excited to partner with Bayer Healthcare again for our nationwide initiative to spread awareness, and what better way to teach people about colon cancer than with an inflatable colon that features various stages of disease (normal colon tissue, Crohn’s Disease, polyp, malignant polyp, colon cancer & advanced colon cancer)?

The BIG Colon Tour, sponsored by Bayer Healthcare, LLC., is coming to a town near you! Check out our scheduled stops and be sure to check back as we add stops throughout the year.

Read more

ASCO Launches First Clinical Trial, Gives Patients Access to Treatment Based on Genomic Testing

Posted on February 7, 2017

The American Society of Clinical Oncology, more commonly known as ASCO, has flipped the traditional clinical trial model on its head, seeking to give greater access to new treatments to patients as well as understand the complex genetics involved. The clinical trial is called TAPUR, and the key difference is identifying a treatment by a patient’s tumor type, regardless of the tumor’s location. Read more