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Melody Ruggles: Nurse, Patient, Advocate, Internet Sensation

Posted on August 12, 2014

In 2011, Melody, a nurse from Michigan, received shocking news: a colon cancer diagnosis. At only 39, she was years away from recommended screening and another jarring case of someone diagnosed younger than 50. With immediate surgery followed by chemotherapy, she was prepared to fight the long battle ahead.

Melody greeting cardsDuring a time of great personal challenge, Melody’s stepdaughter, Jynell, put a smile on her stepmom’s face with greeting cards. When she saw Melody’s positive response, Jynell started Melody’s Get Well Card Drive on Facebook, encouraging well-wishers around the country to send inspiring messages to her stepmom to brighten her day. What she never imagined was how this movement would take off! Not only was Melody sent cards from all 50 states, but she received cards from 23 different countries, too! All told, more than 1,300 pieces of mail arrived in Melody’s mailbox on account of the Card Drive, including notes from Lance Armstrong and President Barack Obama – wow!

Melody Letter

Melody’s personal letter from President Obama!

With this outpouring of love and support, Melody now wants to focus her attention on stopping this highly-preventable disease before it starts, and supporting other patients through their cancer journeys. To do this, Melody and Jynell have teamed up with WeCare Card to raise awareness and funds for our lifesaving programs. If you have an interest in getting involved, please check out Melody’s campaign by September 22nd.

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3 Responses to “Melody Ruggles: Nurse, Patient, Advocate, Internet Sensation”

  1. Lisa schmuhl says:

    My brother has colon cancer he is 43 we need to support all family and patient

  2. Cindy Powell says:

    Mel, always praying for you!

  3. martha coppage says:

    I was diagnosed at age 54 after I had surgery I need to have chemotherapy 6 months I didn’t think I would get Thru it but by the grace of God I and heal from cancer.but the chemo left me with numbing in my feets and fingers. It has become hard for me to tie my shoes to button my clothes to zip things up but I am still thankful for being free of cancer.

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