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My Journey: Candace Fresch

Posted on May 28, 2014

My journey begins just as any other cancer patient’s does…unexpected.

When I was 39, I started having pain while going to the bathroom. I thought I had a hemorrhoid. I tried treating myself with over the counter creams. However, it only became larger and more painful. Eventually, I went to a colorectal specialist at Parker Adventist Hospital. Immediately she told me it wasn’t a hemorrhoid. I had a colonoscopy done. I had to have surgery to remove the mass.

Candace with her surgeon,  Dr. Lisa Perryman, at the 2013 Denver Undy Run/Walk.

Candace with her surgeon, Dr. Lisa Perryman, at the 2013 Demver Undy Run/Walk.

When I had my surgery (the first of many procedures), my doctor/surgeon told me the mass could have been growing for up to 10 years, and that it was four inches long. The mass had spiraled around the base of my colon. I spent the weekend in the hospital in extreme pain. The doctor mentioned to my mother she suspected it was cancer, but we’d wait for the pathology report to come back. The pathology came back negative for cancer.

Three months later, I was still having problems. Another procedure was performed. When I visited with my doctor on my follow-up, there was 1 mm of cancer in one of the biopsies. She performed another procedure one week later and the pathology came back – ALL CANCER. I was told I had to have a permanent colostomy bag with chemo to follow. I did all of it. Not always easy.

Six months later I was back at work. Three years later, I’m still here. My journey inspired me to write a poem entitled “A Survivor’s Journey.” I’m proud to say 2012 marked the first year I was well enough to participate in the Undy Run/Walk. I had family and friends with me. I was amazed at all the supporters at this event. Standing on the survivor stage looking out at everyone in the park and those on stage with me made me realize anything is possible and we are not alone. I’m honored to share my poem with this community and hope it can provide some courage and strength to those who are in need.


                                                    A SURVIVORS JOURNEY                                                       




The Dr. tells you

“You have cancer”

Shock and fear take hold

So much left unsaid and undone

Sinking into the darkness of the “unknown”

The surgeries

The treatments

The nausea

The pain

The feeling of meeting your maker

Will I ever rise above?

A feeling of helplessness

But you continue to make your way

In hoping the next day is a better day

And when you have a better day

You begin to see it can be possible

And heaven’s door

Seems to becoming further away

So you start to believe

I will beat this ”monster”

And a new prospective on life develops…

The unknown becomes clearer

Hopelessness begins to subside

And a feeling of survival begins to emerge


3 Responses to “My Journey: Candace Fresch”

  1. sharon paczkoski says:

    This poem says exactly how I fealt and now I believe Cancer made me realize that we should not take life for granted. Live each day to the fullest and treasure every moment that you have with those you love. I went through everything the author of this poem went through. It is not easy but worth everything to be here another day with my grandchildren. It has been 9 years since they first found my cancer. It came back twice but I am now three years with no activity.

  2. felicia says:

    Love your story. You are truly a hero. I have worked for general surgery for 6 years and when you first see a pathology report that is cancer your heart sinks. But to see the end result such as yours you smile inside.i went into health care after my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer.since then I have have seen so many happy endings a few not so happy endings. I can’t imagine doing anything else.Good luck with your journey.

  3. Wonderful story, Candace. Know that there are thousands of fellow survivors supporting each other. Sending you prayers and light from Sacramento! – Mark Arsenault

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