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National Conference: Top 5 Moments

Posted on October 14, 2013

What a weekend! The 10th Colon Cancer Alliance National Conference has officially come to a close — so many amazing moments & memories made! Here are our top 5 (it was nearly impossible to narrow this down):

#1: All the hands that shot up when Jasmine asked who in the crowd were #CCAConf first-timers. We love seeing new faces & can’t wait to continue working with each of you! (Part II of this: reuniting with our long-timers. Seeing folks we’ve known for years is one of the most fulfilling parts of the Conference for us, hands down. The smiles & hugs are contagious!)

#2: Saturday morning dance party with Rodrick Samuels (and yes, we have video!) He kept us in stitches while inspiring us to work hard to get results AND to get rid of the dead weight & continue challenging ourselves. “That’s what’s up!”

#3: Genomic Health photo booth! Every year it puts smiles on our faces seeing attendees get goofy with blue boas, top hats, sunglasses & this year…blow-up flamingos & beach balls (so Miami)! So many laughs — if you haven’t seen the pics yet, check out the album!

#4: Blue Party! This was our first-ever outdoor Blue Party & we couldn’t have asked for a better location — overlooking Biscayne Bay! After a long day of amazing sessions & learning, it was great seeing everyone relax & unwind (and the DC folks certainly appreciated that warm breeze!)

#5: The overwhelming energy & passion. It’s truly a unique experience to be able to spend 2 full days with 250+ people with a connection to colon cancer & to watch people gain and share information on how to take this cancer down. The most exciting thing to us: we’re all returning to our homes across the country (and even the world — we had an attendee come all the way from Belgium!) feeling re-energized & ready to save some live, & that’s what it’s all about!

We’re  honored to have spent the weekend with all of you truly amazing people & hope you’re feeling as empowered as we are. Together, we can and WILL make a difference. Now let’s kick some colon cancer butt! And remember, we’re here for you — reach out to us! 

Tell us in the comments: What was your favorite 2013 National Conference moment?

2 Responses to “National Conference: Top 5 Moments”

  1. Michael P. McCarthy says:

    Hats off to the CCA staff for organizing an excellent
    soup to nuts conference. As a first time attendee I
    enjoyed it all. The venue provided me an opportunity
    to network with true survivors, many of whom I am
    in awe of, learning that their fight is so much greater
    but who continue to fight and are an inspiration to
    everyone. Topics covered on advances in finding
    cures, diet, spreading the word, financial advice
    and medical advice was helpful. But again, the best
    part was sharing with fellow survivors, something
    that humbles me. Compassion is the highest law
    of human existence & the CCA encourages that!
    Thank you!

  2. Colleen Lopez says:

    The most powerful moment for me was on the second day when the audience was asked to raise their hand if they were diagnosed before the age of 50, and it seemed as if a majority of the crowd raised their hand (mine included). There was a sound of such surprise and dismay, it literally brought tears to my eyes. It was shocking and sad, but for the first time I didn’t feel like such an anomaly.

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