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Waiting On My Silver Bullet

Posted on December 30, 2013

At 27 years old, I thought I had it all. I had just started my dream job, was happily married and a proud new father. After visiting my doctor for what I thought were stress-related issues, I received the shock of a lifetime: stage IV colon cancer. 

That was just three years ago. 

Today, I am still fighting for my life. My family and I connected with the Undy 5000 5K this year and it has been a true rallying point and source of support for all of us. We’ve been to Atlanta and Washington, DC and plan on taking “Jake’s Jockeys” to San Diego next year. Throughout this journey, I’ve been on numerous chemotherapy combinations and several clinical trials, but at this point, my best hope lies in biomarker research. 

That’s why I’m excited about the Colon Cancer Alliance’s new Blue Hope Research Award and their continued mission to fund cutting-edge research. 

Biomarkers are the future of fighting this disease. The ability to specifically target your cancer – down to the genetic level with minimal side effects – is what all survivors are waiting for. I fight every day just to buy enough time until that silver bullet comes along and I can finally say that I am free of this disease. 

In the meantime, I refuse to let this cancer get the best of me. Stand up for what is most important to you. Never be afraid to reach out for help because it is there for you. 

I’m asking you to stand up and fight this disease with me. Please help the Colon Cancer Alliance continue to fund the critical support and research programs that patients like me are counting on. 

Always keep your chin up, 


Jake Lyons 
Survivor and Colon Cancer Alliance Ambassador 

P.S. Keep on running! Your involvement in the Undy 5000 5K series gives people like me hope that the community is looking out and alongside me as we search for a cure.

9 Responses to “Waiting On My Silver Bullet”

  1. Tonya Wilkins says:

    Jake, I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer less than 2 months after I turned 28. I am glad to say that was 11 years and 3 months ago and I’m still cancer free. I will add you to my prayers. Stay strong and keep fighting.

    Your colon cancer survivor sister,
    Tonya Wilkins

    • Rebecca Layton says:

      Tonya, please share your story with me how you beat this at this late stage? I am fighting for my life and I want so much to live!!! I am only 37 and struggling to keep my hope. I was dx’ed six months ago and given two years. Rebecca

  2. Penny says:

    Jake, I am also a stage 4 survivor of 3 years and am cancer free. I was 43 years old when I was diagnosed. As an Undy 5000 participant in the Tampa Bay Area, I want to thank you for your support to help us all spread the awareness of early screening and detection. As a Voice volunteer together we can work to help others have the hope and courage to battle this terrible, yet preventable, disease. The Blue Hope Research Award is a great way to be an advocate for cure. I am currently on chemo, as maintenance, in the hopes that in the next few years, we will see a new medical break through, to treat and cure colon cancer! Your an inspiration to me and I support your efforts! Thanks for being a real champion to many of us out her on our own, just hoping for a cure!

    Hope is contagious….

    • Rebecca Layton says:

      How… cancer free after being in Stage 4? Can you share your triumph with me please Penny?

    • Jude says:

      Penny, I am confused about cancer free, yet on maintenance chemo. I was diagnosed Stage 4, had the operation and Folfox and had a new tumor within 3 months of chemo ending. i am rid of that tumor but getting tested again soon. Dr.’s have not mentioned maintenance chemo. Can you fill me in? Thanks, Jude

  3. Traci De La Cruz says:

    Jake – my son Chris (28) woke up one night screaming in pain. he was in the middle of iowa driving 18 wheeler. we had ambulance get him. they thought he had diverticulitis – operated and sent him home. 2 days later stage 2c colon cancer. tested and has unimformative lynch syndrome. did 12 chemos. now new tumors and swollen lymph nodes on ab wall (peritoneum cancer). we are doing 2nd round of different chemo w/ avastin. they are talking doing cytoreductive surgery with heated chemo. he has no one but me. we are determined to get through this. my thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family.

  4. Hi Jake your point of view on life is really great. And as far as our point when someone is fighting cancer disease(Like you Jake and your fighting Spirit from Cancer Disease) is really hero and also for inspiration people for others.

    When we discuss about coloractal cancer, this cancer having many symptoms we need to A change in your bowel habits, including diarrhea or constipation or a change in the consistency of your stool.But Many people with coloractal cancer experience no symptoms in the early stages of the disease. When symptoms appear, they’ll likely vary, depending on the cancer’s size and location in your large intestine.

    Treatment of coloractal cancer is Surgery, Chemotherapy and another treatment is targeted therapy…

    Hope our scientist will research on cancer disease and find new treatment option…

    Thank you and wish you a very Happy New Year

  5. Rebecca Layton says:

    I am 37, and was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer which has spread to liver and lymph nodes. Needless to say, the only symptoms I had were fatigue, which I blamed stress for, and changed bowel habits which I chalked up to gall bladder issues. Only in the course of fertility treatments and surgery did my doctor discover my tumors in my liver. That was July 2013 and I have been given two years. Dang it, I am going to beat this mofo thing into the earth! You can do it, Jake. I am a senior in college, returning after a decade away from school, and not letting it sidetrack me. 🙂 FIGHT IT!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anne says:

    Hi. I too was diagnosed with stage III colorectal cancer when I was 26yrs old. As a result, I had a total proctocolectomy,1 wk of radiation and 12 rounds of folfox. I was told I was cancer free. But this past jan., I was told that the cancer had gone to my lymph nodes, now stage 4. I am 29 yrs old now. I’ve had 30 sessions of radiation and 7 rounds of chemo. I have 5 more chemo sessions left in my treatment. I’ve learned to appreciate my time with my loved ones. Life is too short to worry about the little things. Through my faith, I’ve been able to cope with this hurdle. God Bless you for raising awareness.

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